What is the NRC Playbook of Strategies?


What is the NRC Playbook of Strategies?


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The Playbook of Strategies by National Research Center, Inc. (NRC) is a comprehensive web tool available to all NRC clients to use throughout the survey process and beyond.  The Playbook includes case studies from several jurisdictions on how they used their survey results.   There are plentiful pro-tips for publicizing surveys, better budgeting, strategic planning and much more. It dives deep into the 6 E’s of Action, defined by NRC as 6 different ways data can be used to benefit the community.

How can I use it?

The Playbook also offers a toolkit with informational videos, logo files you can use and an invitation to the NRC Resource Group. The toolkit will grow with downloadable resources designed to help make your job easier. The Playbook is ever-evolving as we learn of new practices to share, and clients like you help to shape The Playbook each time you send us your feedback.

How can I access The Playbook of Strategies?

The Playbook is available to all NRC Clients. Contact your project manager or email us at media@n-r-c.com, and we will provide you with the access information. You can also submit your own case studies or send us feedback by emailing media@n-r-c.com.

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