Damema Details: How Much Does The National Citizen Survey Cost?

-By Damema Mann

Today I want to talk to you about The National Citizen SurveyTM (The NCSTM) and address the number one question we get.  How much does The NCS cost?  So let’s go over five things you should know about the cost and pricing options for this community survey.


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1.  Pricing is standardized

Pricing for The National Citizen Survey, as well as National Research Center, Inc.’s (NRC) other benchmarking surveys, is available on our website.  The survey cost is not based on population sizes or location.  Pricing is the same for every jurisdiction.

2.  Choose from multiple service options

Your total cost for The NCS depends on which service options you choose.  There are three basic service options for data collection methods.  There is also a robust menu of add-ons, such as custom benchmarks, in-person presentations, additional analyses and more.  Ultimately, the total cost of The NCS is up to you.

3.  You may qualify for a discount

When you look at the pricing for The NCS on our website, you will see both the full and discounted prices.  This ten percent discount applies to each version of the basic service and all of the add-on options.  Local governments who have worked with NRC before, are ICMA members or are NLC members all qualify for this discount.  If you are unsure if you qualify for the discount, contact us to find out.  The answer will probably be yes!

4.  The survey cost will typically change each year

NRC is dedicated to providing you high quality service at the lowest possible price.  To cover rising costs of conducting business, we typically have small price increases annually.  At the end of each year, we run a special offer for jurisdictions planning to survey early in the new year.  If you complete enrollment by the end of December, we will lock you into the lower, year-end pricing.

5.  Enrolling is easy

NRC does not require contracts and most of our clients sole-source us for The National Citizen Survey.  We do accept request for proposals (RFP) for those seeking a uniquely made-to-measure, custom survey.  We want to make it as easy as possible for you to start the survey and get your results, so you can have the information you need to help improve your community.

See 2018 Pricing for The NCS

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