Director of National Engagement

Education: B.A., Political Science, University Of Vermont

Damema is a survey research expert who has managed hundreds of projects at National Research Center, Inc. (NRC) for well over a decade. She loves working with local governments and helping them improve their communities through data. She believes that if NRC can help improve local governments, we can help improve quality of life and community livability in a real way, on a large scale. The survey research she leads for municipalities across the U.S. is meaningful to her, and she is passionate about the mission of NRC: to move communities forward through data, research and evaluation. You can connect with Damema on LinkedIn and join her in the NRC Resource Group.

Office Chats: Meet Damema


What’s  Your Favorite Thing About The Place Where You Live?

Lyons is a wonderful town.  We can walk (or drive our golf cart) to coffee shops, restaurants and stores.  We have beautiful mountain views, are surrounded by trails and the sense of community is very strong.  We know our neighbors and count them as friends.

Your House Is On Fire, Which Three Things Do You Take?

My phone, my passport and the painting of our last golden retriever, Cowboy, which our friends had commissioned for us after we had to put him down at age 15.  (I’m assuming my husband and our current dog, Clyde, don’t count as “things.”)

What Is Your Favorite Place And Why?

It’s a toss-up, I love the mountains of Colorado, I’ve been here almost 20 years and have no plans to leave.  BUT, I’m from Martha’s Vineyard Island and it’s pretty hard to top that.

What’s Your Favorite Thing To Do On A Sunday?

Go for a long hike or run with my husband and our dog, enjoy a meal with friends.

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Working At NRC?

Helping to bring the voice of the average resident to local government.