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2019 Pricing for The National Community Survey

Join hundreds of other local governments and get a representative picture of residents’ needs and perspectives with The National Community Survey™ (The NCS™).

The NCS Basic Service Includes:

Full report of results, plus multiple layers of reporting to meet the needs of different stakeholders

Responses weighted to reflect characteristics of your entire community

Benchmarking against more than 500 other community survey results

Tracking of results and response rates by geographic area

Opt-in web survey included in addition to the scientific, random-sampled survey

Space reserved for custom questions specific to your jurisdiction, crafted with guidance from your NRC project manager

*Exclusive access to the NRC Playbook of Strategies

*Exclusive access to the NRC Resource Group

*Contact your Project Manager for access to the NRC Playbook of Strategies and NRC Resource Group.

Web Data Collection

$14,120$12,705 DISCOUNTED PRICE*
  • Sample size of 1,800 households included
  • Households contacted via mailed invitations using a random sample from a USPS address list


all residents are eligible
$10,190$9,170 DISCOUNTED PRICE*
  • You promote participation
  • No random sampling
  • No mailings

Add-On Options

Full Price

Discounted Price*


Larger Sample Size



See below for example sample sizes

Reminder Postcard (4th Mailing)



See below for example sample sizes

Demographic Subgroup Comparison Report



Compare results by population demographics (age, sex, race/ethnicity, housing tenure and housing unit type)

Geographic Subgroup Comparison Report



Compare results by geographic area




Respondents can complete the survey online in Spanish

Custom Benchmark Comparisons



Benchmark results against communities meeting specific criteria

One Open-ended Question



Includes one open-ended question added to survey. Responses will be categorized and reported in a table under separate cover, accompanied by a complete list of verbatim responses.

In-person Presentation



Assumes location within 50 miles of int’l airport

Next Steps Workshop



Assumes location within 50 miles of int’l airport

Compare Prior Results



Compare current results to those of a previous survey (not The­ NCS)

Example Sample Sizes

Regular mailing (3 contacts)

Reminder postcard (4th contact)

Full Price Discounted Price Full Price Discounted Price
+0 (1,700 total) $1,075 $965
+400 (2,100 total) $1,880 $1,690 $1,275 $1,145
+800 (2,500 total) $3,310 $2,975 $1,470 $1,320
+1,200 (2,900 total) $4,735 $4,260 $1,670 $1,500
+1,600 (3,300 total) $6,165 $5,545 $1,865 $1,675

*Please note all prices are subject to change. Pricing assumes up to four geographic subareas; let us know if you need a custom quote for more subareas.

*Discount Eligibility*
You are eligible for a 10% discount on The NCS, The NES, The NBS or CASOA if you:
 Have conducted any of these surveys in the past  Are an ICMA member
 Are an NLC member  Are an Association of Government Accountants member

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We will withhold an administrative fee of $700 from any refund for a cancellation before hours/costs are expended; once the project work has begun and money has been spent (hours or hard costs), we’re unable to make a refund.

Why Local Governments Should Survey Residents