2019 Pricing for The National Business Survey (The NBS)

Understand the needs of the business community to establish or preserve a thriving local economy with The National Business Survey™ (The NBS™).

The NBS Basic Service Includes:

Customization of a comprehensive survey of businesses in your community

Mailed recruitment with online data collection

Detailed report of results

Comparisons to The NCS (if available)

*Exclusive access to the NRC Playbook of Strategies

*Exclusive access to the NRC Resource Group

*Contact your Project Manager for access to the NRC Playbook of Strategies and NRC Resource Group.

Add-On Options

Full Price

Discounted Price*


Geographic Subgroup Comparison Report



Compare results by area (e.g., district, ward, quadrant)

Demographic Subgroup Comparison Report



Compare results by demographic questions (e.g., industry, revenue, size)

On-site Presentation of Survey Results



NRC staff will present the survey results to staff Council, Boards or other appropriate groups

Mailed Surveys (4,000 Surveys)



Businesses are mailed a hard copy of the survey to complete and return via USPS

*Discount Eligibility*

You are eligible for a 10% discount on The NCS, The NES, The NBS or CASOA if you:
 Have conducted any of these surveys in the past  Are an ICMA member
 Are an NLC member  Are an Association of Government Accountants member  Are a DCI member

Not sure if you’re eligible?

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We will withhold an administrative fee of $700 from any refund for a cancellation before hours/costs are expended; once the project work has begun and money has been spent (hours or hard costs), we’re unable to make a refund.

Infographic: Rating the Overall Business Environment in the U.S.

How does your business community measure up?