What Local Government Employees Have to Say About Their Jobs

-By Angelica Wedell

Managers do not have the mind-reading capabilities of Professor Xavier.  They cannot manipulate the flow of time like Doctor Strange.  Nor can they lasso truth from their staff like Wonder Woman.

Thankfully, city managers do not need super powers to learn what employees think about their jobs.  The National Employee SurveyTM (The NESTM), conducted by National Research Center, Inc. (NRC) gathers a large database of candid, local government employee opinion that provides insight into job satisfaction.  Managers who survey can use those results to enhance the workplace, recruit and retain skilled professionals.

The NES database creates a unique opportunity to see the thoughts of local government employees across the US.  The data show a workforce that has a passion for the field, works hard and demonstrates dedication.

In true superhero comic-book fashion, this infographic reveals a little bit of what local government employees think about their jobs.



Local government employees manage full plates.  Only 36 percent of them feel they can take on a heavier workload than they already have.

Despite heavy workloads, 91 percent of local government employees plan to continue working at their current organization a year from now.

Many city and county staff are recognized for their hard work.  53 percent of them say they have received recognition or praise for doing good work within the last seven days.

Most local government employees feel the job fits.  76 percent of them say they have the opportunity to do what they do best every day at work.

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