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Using Your Engagement Data to Understand Your Community Needs

Keep your finger on the pulse of your community with Polco!

How can local governments best use civic engagement data to inform and assess community needs? Polco / National Research Center (NRC) experts will talk about the wizardry of using resident feedback in community decision-making. You'll discover when and how to best engage stakeholders. You'll also learn the best ways to understand, meet, and exceed the needs and expectations of your community. Hear stories about how other organizations like yours effectively keep a finger on the pulse of their community needs.

This month's Learning Lab Webinar features guest speaker Nick Mastronardi, CEO of Polco / NRC. Mastronardi is a leading-edge expert in civic engagement and communication technology. He brings previous experience as a Senior Economist at both Amazon and in the White House on the President's Council of Economic Advisors. Under Nick’s leadership, Polco / NRC empowers communities to move forward confidently.

We are also proud to present speaker Michelle Kobayashi, Senior Vice President of Innovation for Polco / National Research Center (NRC). Kobayashi is also a co-creator of the nation’s preferred resident survey, The National Community Survey (The NCS). She has helped local governments maximize public opinion and survey research for over 25 years.

Webinar Details

Topic: Using Your Engagement Data to Understand Your Community Needs
Speakers: Nick Mastronardi and Michelle Kobayashi

Cost: Free
Duration: 30 Minutes

Date: February 12th, 2020
Time: 10:00 PT | 11:00 MT | 1:00 ET