The NPSS helps strengthen community relationships, aligns resident and government priorities and increases community safety.

About The National Police Services Survey

The National Police Services Survey™ (The NPSS™), a premier enterprise of Polco/National Research Center, Inc. (NRC), provides a comprehensive and accurate picture of resident opinions related to community police services. The NPSS uses best practices in survey methods to guarantee valid findings and puts your results into meaningful context. Drawing from a large database, The NPSS compares your local results with benchmarks compiled from a national survey panel.


Survey Developed by Experts and Leaders

The NPSS was developed by research experts and law-enforcement thought-leaders to produce clear, unbiased, actionable results that local governments can rely on. Police personnel and local government leaders across the nation use The NPSS data for:

  • Compliance with public feedback requirements and guidelines
  • Evidence-based decision-making
  • Strategic Planning
  • Program and Capital Investment
  • Budgeting
  • Performance Measurement
  • Communications & Engagement
  • Fundraising
  • Innovation

This three-page survey can be administered by mail, online or both. The approach you take will depend on your goals, your timelines, your budget and the characteristics of your community.

The NPSS Features

Getting a price quote for The National Police Services Survey is easy as contacting Polco / NRC.Contact us today to find out about subscribing to Polco to get The NPSS.

Step One: Choose Your Basic Service Collection Method

Step Two: Choose Your Add-On Options

Step Three: Start Enrollment


Step One: Choose Your Basic Service Collection Method


Step Two: Choose Your Add-On Options


Step Three: Start Enrollment

The NPSS Basic Service Includes

Report of results

Responses weighted to reflect characteristics of your entire community

Benchmarking to our national database

Data Collection Methods


On Polco
  • All survey recipients complete the survey online on the Polco platform.
  • NRC will mail invitations to complete survey online.
  • Available with Polco Subscription

Learn More About Our Three Basic Service Collections


$50per month
  • Traditional mode. Ensures representativeness and offers an alternative to computer or mobile device
  • Probabilistic sampling methods, generally moderate to higher response rates and better margins of error
  • Survey mailed to 2,400 households - with 3 contacts
  • Opt-in online survey included after mailed out efforts complete (anyone can participate)
  • Typical time frame: 4 months


online data collection
$50per month
  • Quicker and less expensive; less certainty about representativeness
  • Non-probabilistic sampling methods, unknown response rates and larger margins of error
  • Promoted by your staff and partners through your communication channels with guidance from Polco
  • Opt-in online survey only (anyone can participate)
  • Typical time frame: 1-2 months


We highly recommend Option 2 (the online survey with a mailed out invitation) data collection method for The NPSS. Option 2 combines today’s industry-leading practices at a competitive price:

1. Online surveys save time and resources.
2. Mailed invitations to a random sample, contacted three times, ensure that residents from all backgrounds are invited to participate.
3. Open participation inviting the entire community to respond – after the random sample collection is completed – gives every resident an opportunity to be included.

Inviting both random-sample responses and open participation serves as a great public engagement opportunity. The NPSS online survey functions are powered by Polco. With Polco, your organization builds a panel of residents who can quickly respond to future surveys and engagement efforts.

Cancellation Policy

We will withhold an administrative fee of $700 from any refund for a cancellation before hours/costs are expended; once the project work has begun and money has been spent (hours or hard costs), we’re unable to make a refund.

Add-On Options

 Includes one open-ended question added to the survey. Responses will be categorized and reported in a table under separate cover, accompanied by a complete list of verbatim responses.

Residents will have the option to complete the online survey in English or Spanish.

Compare results by areas tracked in the implementation.

Compare results by demographic questions (e.g., race, gender, age, etc.)

Report that compares the responses of residents from different backgrounds (e.g. age, race/ethnicity, gender) to identify gaps in perceptions in safety, policy trust and community public safety priorities. In addition, the gaps from a community are compared to the disparities found across the nation to identify areas where organizations are successful and challenged.  The results of these analyses can help organizations identify areas where they should engage and collaborate more to help promote positive community relationships and build public safety resources.

NRC will create a Microsoft® PowerPoint slideshow for City staff to use in conducting presentations.

NRC staff member will present survey results with City staff, Council, Boards or other appropriate groups. We use Microsoft® PowerPoint as a visual aid and a copy of the slideshow is left with the City, this pricing is for one presentation.

An NRC professional will travel to your organization to facilitate the use of your data from The NPSS with two key groups – frontline staff and executive/management staff. Each discussion lasts 1-2 hours, gathers input on key focus areas and establishes a plan for action.

*Contact us for discount eligibility*

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*Contact us for discount eligibility*

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The NPSS Timeline

Month One

You complete worksheet and we generate sample questionnaire

Month Two

Postcard notifications and surveys mailed to residents

Month Three

Data collection and processing 

Month Four

Draft and final reports delivered to you

You complete worksheet and we generate sample questionnaire

Postcard notifications and surveys mailed to residents

Data collection and processing 

Draft and final reports delivered to you

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