SEO Specialist

Education: B.A., Political Science and Public Relations, Metropolitan State University of Denver

Keifer Johnson is a digital communications specialist, and has worked in the field for four years.  He contributes Search Engine Optimization expertise and a journalistic style of content creation to his role at National Research Center, Inc. (NRC).  He is also the owner of a successful digital marketing consultancy, KDJ Communication.  Keifer has a passion for leadership, shown through his entrepreneurial spirit in the field.  When he isn’t at NRC or running his business, he is instructing and training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a grappling martial art.  You can connect with Keifer on LinkedIn and join him in the NRC Resource Group.

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Working At NRC?

Working for an organization that helps local governments engage with their citizens. I appreciate being a part of a team that improves the democratic process.

Which Foods Do You Refuse To Eat?

I once ate fermented soy beans, called “Natto” in Japanese.  I wouldn’t mind to never be granted that opportunity again.

What’s Your Favorite Thing About The Place Where You Live?

I love being near everything I need; biking to the grocery store, to my gym, and taking the bus to work are great perks. It’s great to avoid driving, and to see the neighborhood. 

What Is Your Favorite Place?

The Rocky Mountains are definitely my favorite place.  I have moved away several times, but I just can’t stay away! Camping, hiking, and getting outdoors are all very important to me.

Which Talent Would You Most Like To Have?

I’d love to be a polyglot. The more languages the merrier.