Erin Dixon

Role at NRC:Erin Dixon, NRC Social Media Coordinator  Communications Coordinator
Education:  A.F.A., Film Studies and Performance, Cape Fear Community College; Certification, Broadcast Technologies and Performance, The Ohio and Illinois Center for Broadcasting



Which Foods Do You Refuse To Eat?

Ketchup, crinkle-cut cooked carrots (nothing makes these edible), and eel

If You Weren’t Working For NRC, What Would You Be Doing?

Singing and/or casting for film and television

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Working At NRC?

The team environment throughout every department. 

What’s Your Favorite Thing About The Place Where You Live?

Longmont feels like a hometown. The sense of community and togetherness with my neighbors, local businesses and local government is unlike anywhere I’ve ever lived.

What Is The #1 Item On Your Bucket List?

To spend an extended vacation in Ireland, exploring every crevice of culture and history