Communications and Marketing Director

Education:  OMCP, B.A., Journalism And Technical Communication, Colorado State University

NRC Marketing Director Angelica Wedell has worked in multimedia communications for the last ten years and is an Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP). She enjoys leading the digital communications efforts and strategies of National Research Center, Inc. (NRC), networking and speaking professionally at conferences across the country, writing popular guest articles for syndicates like ELGL (Engaging Local Government Leaders), contributing to and editing NRC’s monthly newsletterThe Civil Review.  Angelica demonstrates a strong passion for storytelling and journalistic integrity in her writing. She plans to continue creating quality content in the form of video production, photography and web writing. “NRC has given me the highly sought yet seldom found opportunity to get paid to do what I truly love,” Angelica said.  “By telling the world about NRC’s services, I feel like I’m helping communities become better places to live.  I staunchly believe that these surveys and evaluative services are absolutely needed, especially for local governments that value transparency, data-based decision-making and the quality of life of their everyday citizens.”  You can connect with Angelica on LinkedIn and join her in the NRC Resource Group.

What Made You Want To Work For NRC?

To join a fantastic, close-knit team of professionals while following my own passion for communications is a dream-come-true.  Also the work that NRC does has real-world ability to improve quality of life for people across the nation.

What’s Your Favorite Thing About The Place Where You Live?

There are beautiful green parks with well-maintained paths that span more than 2 miles, right next to my home.

What Is Your Favorite Place?

Though I’ve only been there once, I think Hawaii may be my favorite place.  Summer is my favorite season, and it’s summer all the time there! 

Your House Is On Fire, Which Three Things Do You Take?

 My camera, my wedding album, and my backup hard-drive.

What’s Your Favorite Thing To Do On A Sunday?

 Go on a “food-venture” with friends and family.  We can explore new restaurants and try dishes we’ve never had.  And if the plate is pretty, I’ll post it on Instagram!