What Made to Measure Research Services Does NRC Provide?


National Research Center, Inc. (NRC) is well-known for our national benchmarking surveys. But we also offer other research, survey and evaluative services to assist in moving communities forward. The custom surveys we design and administer gather feedback for specific issues relevant to the community  or organization, and give stakeholders a chance to voice their opinions on decisions that have direct impact. Department evaluations uncover details about perceptions of a given agency and help guide future projects. We also conduct evaluations that gauge the level of success of any given program or service. Director of Research Erin Caldwel shares her knowledge on how these tailor-made studies work at NRC.



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Made to Measure Research


NRC’s Made to Measure Research are completely customized surveys, specialized for the individual organization’s unique needs. Designed and built from the ground up, these surveys do not need to ask templated questions or use the exact language that a benchmarking survey requires.


This type of survey is perfect for serving a specific need or project, and we can tailor the language to fit that need. A common example of a Made to Measure Research topic would be parks and recreation. A custom survey could be used for evaluation or for gathering public feedback to guide the department’s next project.


Transportation is another topic NRC regularly researches.  Evaluation is again a major use of the survey results. Our client communities are also using their data in more innovative ways to improve the mobility of their cities and towns. Some questions ask respondents what form of transportation they are using to get around. Other questions ask about frequency of use. These transportation surveys have also been used to see how receptive the public might be to increased fare or taxes to improve transportation around town.


NRC has recently conducted Travel Diary surveys in Boulder and Fort Collins, Colorado. For this project, residents keep a log of all their travels. The resulting data tell city planners not only what kind of transportation people are using but details the exact routes.


Environmental issues are another common Made to Measure Research topic for NRC. In Tacoma, Washington, the Environmental Services Department conducted a survey to see how familiar citizens were with the services they offer to reduce household waste and increase environment-positive initiatives.


Other topics we research frequently include public safety, human services, community health, youth development and more.


Evaluation Projects


NRC also provides a range of evaluative and consultative services . We recently completed an efficacy study for a middle school science initiative. This came from a partnership between public science institutes – like zoos and museums – and the schools.  The goal of this study was to see if the partnership could raise interest in the study of science for middle-schoolers and improve grades.


Made to Measure Research surveys and evaluations are written and managed by NRC’s most experienced practitioners, each of whom have designed and administered custom surveys for more than ten years. If your organization or community would benefit from the unique results only a custom project can provide, visit our “Request for Information” page or send us a note at nrc@n-r-c.com.


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