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The NRC Resource Group on LinkedIn is a hive mind of local government leaders and other public sector professionals involved in bettering their communities through survey research and other innovative best practices. This collective brings decision-makers, visionaries, scientists, mentors and emerging managers together to share ideas, network and learn new practices. The group is very new, just launched at the start of 2017. In this Q&A video, Marketing Manager Angelica Wedell describes the NRC Resource Group, who will benefit from it and how to join.

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What is it?

The NRC Resource Group on LinkedIn takes advantage of online social networking. It’s a space for people who believe in research, data and community innovation to engage with one another. Members post links to articles, share updates, talk about events, spark discussions and ask questions.

Who’s in the Group?

The NRC Resource Group is still growing since its official launch in January. Most members are clients, partners and staff of NRC, who are all guaranteed access. While the group was created with NRC clients in mind, we invite others who are passionate about surveys and making communities more livable to join. Professionals of the public sector, non-profits and researchers make up the majority of the group.

What is it NOT?

This group is not intended to be a sales arena. For this reason, we do not accept requests from those who want to join for the sole purpose of soliciting their products and services. Those who would like a second chance to be considered can email For the protection of the group, any individuals who spam the discussion board or use harmful language will be removed.

How Can I Join?

If you love social science research, data and local government, you’ll love this group. Type “NRC Resource Group” into the search bar on LinkedIn, or click here. Then click the “Ask to join” button on the upper right-hand side of your screen. That’s it! We can’t wait to see you there!

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