The Leadership Trailblazer Award: Criteria

Thank you for making nominations for an outstanding woman with the following qualities:Leadership Trailblazer Award

  • Her primary career focus has been in local government.
  • She has spent at least 8 years in a leadership position as a department head, assistant or deputy city/county manager, or city/county manager (or an equivalent special district position).
  • This person is not retired, and is currently active in a local government leadership position.
  • This person is employed by a local government organization, and is not an elected official.
  • This person may have been the first female to achieve a significant role or milestone within their organization.
  • She is a strong and positive representative of the local government profession. She is ethical and trustworthy, and a good steward of the community.
  • She has been a strong advocate for women in the profession; served as a mentor (formally or informally), pioneered the way for women, or helped to create organizations or training/development opportunities for women.

Please direct any questions to Pam Antil at or Angelica Wedell at

Nominate a Colleague

Nominations are due by Friday, October 2nd, 2020.