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Good governance requires so much more than mundane execution of passive decisions. True leadership goes beyond a job title. Moving your community forward takes inspiration, perseverance, strategy, and reliable information.   

The Civil Review is back and better than ever. With now over two-thousand active subscribers, the digital publication continues to grow. Each month features a range of articles and multimedia on NRC’s most interesting research, civic engagement, best practices, professional development, and stories revealing award-winning jurisdictions’ best secrets to success.

The Civil Review is more than a monthly e-newsletter. It’s a playbook. And it’s free.

Of course, you’ll always need the right tools to get the job done. But now you can get top stories, information, and interactive quizzes (powered by Polco) to make the best use of your survey research and civic engagement services.

Community leaders, academics, engaged residents, enthusiasts, and interested businesses, The Civil Review is for you!

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