2019 Pricing for The Community Assessment Survey for Older Adults (CASOA)

Learn directly from the residents themselves how to best accommodate the needs of older adults in your community with the Community Assessment Survey for Older Adults™ (CASOA™).

CASOA Basic Service Includes:

Your organization’s name, logo and signatures on the survey cover letter and mailing materials

A representative sample of 1,400 older adults in your area

Management of all aspects of data collection and analysis by NRC professionals

A full report highlighting more than 20 areas of community strengths and weaknesses, and indicating the most prevalent needs of advanced aged adults in your area

A convenient option for older adults to complete the survey online

Benchmarks of key results compared to more than 35,000 older adults in nearly 200 communities across the nation

*Exclusive access to the NRC Playbook of Strategies

*Exclusive access to the NRC Resource Group

*Contact your Project Manager for access to the NRC Playbook of Strategies and NRC Resource Group.

Add-On Options

Full Price

Discounted Price*


Spanish Translation



Survey translated into Spanish. The cover letter for your survey includes phone number at your organization for respondents to call and request Spanish survey. Spanish survey packets will be delivered to you for distribution to requestors.

Geographic Crosstabulations



Subgroup comparisons by geographic area (e.g., county, district, etc.) for the evaluative questions on the survey (questions 1 through 14) will be provided in a separate report. The geographic areas will need to be determined when we create the sample, well before the survey mailing. You will receive an additional worksheet to complete if you select this option.

Demographic Crosstabulations



Subgroup comparisons will be provided in a separate report for four demographic questions by the evaluative questions on the survey (questions 1 through 14). You will receive an additional worksheet to complete if you select this option.

Demographic Profile



Demographic profile of your current older adult population based on most recent Census or American Community Survey data.

Demographic Projections



Characteristics of older adults in the community based on population projections provided by you. A recommended add-on if you find it useful to have estimates of anticipated need 5 and 10 years out.

Presentation of Results



Senior NRC staff will present key findings at a meeting of your choice. Recommended if it would be useful for you to have an independent researcher present finding. PowerPoint slideshow included for your use.

Comprehensive Stakeholder Package



Full range of presentation materials created for your staff to give a presentation of your CASOA results to stakeholders. A highlights/executive summary and a press release will be provided for distribution. Designed for the experienced presenter.

Increased Sample Size



Your project manager can provide increased sample size recommendations and help you get the right price for the larger number of surveys distributed.

*Discount Eligibility*

You are eligible for a 10% discount on The NCS, The NES, The NBS or CASOA if you:
 Have conducted any of these surveys in the past  Are an ICMA member
 Are an NLC member  Are an Association of Government Accountants member

Not sure if you’re eligible?

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We will withhold an administrative fee of $700 from any refund for a cancellation before hours/costs are expended; once the project work has begun and money has been spent (hours or hard costs), we’re unable to make a refund.

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