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 How to Turn Innovation Into Reality

How to Turn Innovation into Reality

Taking risks on new practices and making lasting changes for your community is hard. Fear and doubt often create the biggest hurdles in testing good ideas and implementing them correctly.  Local government leaders who gather citizen data are ready to use their results to take the next step. So this month’s Coffee Break Webinar features West Regional Director for Alliance for Innovation (AFI) Nijah Fudge as special guest speaker. Fudge has a professional background in local government and brings 6 years of experience helping to identify and implement successful community programs. Her method of transforming data into a story fosters collaboration and drives results. Fudge will share what leaders should know to make the difference between passed over policy and establishing real, tangible benefits. Register for this webinar today and gain the tools to make innovation a reality. 

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Topic: How to Turn Innovation Into Reality

Speaker: Nijah Fudge, Alliance for Innovation

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