The National Business Survey™ (The NBS™) assesses local business owners’ or managers’ perspectives about the economic environment of a community or district. The survey tool tracks business expectations for the coming year, identifies the characteristics of the business environment needed to enhance local economic vitality, monitors the kind of services and support of policies that would assist the success of local businesses, describes characteristics of local companies and tracks business owners’ perceptions of the quality of current services.

The NBS is an online survey (about 3-page paper-equivalent, based on our templatized questionnaire) with more than 100 individual items. The service includes a multi-contact mail recruitment strategy to invite up to 4,000 businesses in your community to complete the survey. If you have participated in The National Citizen Survey™ (The NCS™), you will receive a report that compares residents and business perspectives for similar questions asked on both surveys. For an added cost you can include any of several additional services, including comparisons by geographic area (e.g., district, ward or quadrant), comparisons by company demographics (e.g., industry, revenue or size) and printed surveys administered by mail.

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