Prepare your community for the Aging Population


The United States’ population is aging, from state to state and in every neighborhood.  The U.S. Census projects that 1 in 4 Americans will be advanced in age by the year 2040.  It has become increasingly essential for communities to plan for the growing older adult population now. National Research Center’s Community Assessment Survey for Older Adults asks advanced aged citizens themselves about their circumstances and needs.  CASOA assesses multiple community dimensions as they relate to older adults, and has been named “The best fit for measuring age friendliness of a community” by the City of London, Ontario.


Community Dimensions Assessed Through CASOA

Overall Community Quality •Community as a place to live and retire
•Recommend community to others
•Residential stability
Community and Belonging •Sense of community
•Overall safety
•Valuing older residents in community
•Crime victimization and abuse
Community Information •Availabilty of information about older adult resources
•Financial or legal services
Productive Activities •Civic engagement – volunteerism, voting, civic attentiveness
•Social engagement – social and religious activities
•Recreation – recreational activities, personal enrichment
•Caregiving – providing care for children or adults
•Economic contribution – the dollar value of activities
and Wellness
•Physical health – physical fitness, fitness opportunities, diet
•Mental health – emotional well being, quality of life, confusion
•Health care – health services, medications, oral and vision care
•Independent living – activities of daily living, hospitalizations
Community Design
and Land Use
•Housing variety and availability
•Ease of travel by car, foot and bus
•Access to daily needs
•Overall quality of life


CASOA is a unique scientific survey of older adults’ perceptions about their communities and future needs. This tested service includes consultation, administration, analysis and reporting on a variety of older adult needs. Learn more:

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