St. Charles Releases Results From 2016 Resident Survey

April 2017 – The city of St. Charles has released the results of the 2016 Resident Survey, which assesses residents’ perspectives on the overall quality of life in St. Charles.

NWCCOG Senior Gap Analysis Presentation

April 2017 – Gap Analysis Presentation of Home and Community-based Services for an Aging Population in the NWCCOG Region

Survey: Sioux Falls an overwhelmingly good place to live

April 2017 – A survey of roughly 870 Sioux Falls residents shows that most feel the city is a good place to live. 

Rockville Scores High Marks in 2016 Community Survey

April 2017 – Ninety-two percent of Rockville residents who responded to the city’s ninth biennial community survey once again described the city’s overall quality of life as excellent or good.

Streets get bad grade in citizen survey

April 2017 – People like it in Sioux Falls. Except when they’re driving.

County Survey: Quality Of Life Ranks High, Development And Affordable Housing Still Top Concerns

March 2017 – Washoe County recently released the results of its citizen survey. Unsurprisingly, Reno-area residents rank many factors high but growth and development are top concerns.

Citizen survey results: Fixing traffic woes in St. Augustine still top residents’ priority lists

March 2017 – The latest survey results for St. Augustine show parking and traffic improvements are still at the top of people’s minds, and some believe the issues are getting worse.

Marion seeks resident opinions through National Citizen Survey

March 2017 – The City of Marion wants to determine how well the city government is serving residents and gauge perceptions of the city. The city is participating in the National Citizen Survey and asks residents to provide their opinions.

Avon citizen survey due soon

March 2017 – The deadline for the Town of Avon citizen satisfaction survey is quickly approaching, with completed forms due in just a few weeks.

People want recreation, job opportunities

March 2017 – Tracy residents may feel good about the local economy, but they have doubts about finding enrichment within the city’s borders.

March 2017 – Lombard officials asked residents to tell them what it’s like to live in the village, and they’re happy with what they heard.

Franklin citizen survey shows changing trends, demographics

March 2017 – Franklin City Administrator Eric Stuckey and Budget and Analytics Manager Michael Walters Young explained Monday why it’s important for cities to collect and gauge public opinion often and how the information gleaned can help local governments measure success.

National Citizen Survey

March 2017 – Residents of New Braunfels who were not randomly selected by the National Research Center to participate in the 2017 National Citizen Survey can still have their opinions heard.

City of Cañon City OKs Strategic Plan

March 2017 – The city council on Monday adopted the proposed 2017-20 Strategic Plan that identifies the long-term or overall goals and interest of the city and guides decision making in the area of economic development, public safety, infrastructure, attractive built environment, community investment opportunities, and public trust, transparency and accountability.

Yorktown parks survey shows usage, gaps

March 2017 – Yorktown official’s efforts to grow the parks and trails around the town hasn’t gone unnoticed by the community. In a recent survey, a total of 519 people responded, a number higher than the responses for the National Citizen Survey in 2015.

Next FrankTalks to look into citizens’ survey results in ‘City Hall on Wheels’

March 2017 – Officials will take a deep data dive into the results of the National Citizen Survey, conducted last fall in Franklin by the National Research Center in conjunction with the International City & County Management Association.

Community survey, landfill, water rights top city agenda

March 2017 – Kerrville City Council considered community survey results, landfill expansion and a water rights permit at their regular meeting Feb. 28.

Scottsdale earns high marks from residents in citizen survey

March 2017 – The vast majority of Scottsdale residents are pleased with where they live and with services provided by the city, according to The National Citizen Survey, which the city commissioned late in 2016.

Residents rate city services in biennial Citizen Survey

March 2017 – Pearland residents are generally as satisfied as they were two years ago with life in Pearland according to a biennial independent research survey conducted by the National Research Center.

Cañon City Councilor Ashley Smith: Code Enforcement Conundrum

February 2017 – When the new City Council actively reached out to the community through open forums and a Citizens’ Survey, we received a strong message about an apparent lack of consistency with code enforcement.

Survey asks residents if Kalamazoo is a good place to live and work

February 2017 – The city of Kalamazoo is asking a sample of residents to participate in a survey designed to provide a baseline of how the city government is serving residents and and make comparisons with Kalamazoo’s peers.

Las Cruces city survey online through March 10

February 2017 – Las Cruces residents have a chance to participate in the third survey the City of Las Cruces has commissioned to receive opinions on community characteristics, the government of the city and your ability to participate in local city government decision making.

Survey says DeLandites are mostly happy

February 2017 – DeLand’s recent community survey revealed a pretty happy citizenry.

St. Augustine wants to know what you think!

February 2017 – Have you ever wanted to give government a piece of your mind? 

Citizen Survey reveals positive views of Johnson City

February 2017 – Findings within the 2016 Citizen Survey likely will play into Johnson City’s projected $245 million, five-year spending plan.

McKinney seeks citizen input in quality of life survey

February 2017 – The city of McKinney is conducting a resident survey to gauge citizen satisfaction in McKinney. Residents are encouraged to complete the online survey by Feb. 22.

City of New Braunfels National Citizen Survey 2017

January 2017 – Make your voice heard – participate in the National Citizen Survey.

El Cerrito residents rank quality of life categories in annual survey

January 2017 – El Cerritans responded similarly to other cities nationwide in seven out of eight categories in the 2016 National Citizens Survey Community Living Report, presented Feb. 7 to the City Council.

Westminster is talking trash, recycling

January 2017 – The Westminster City Council has been talking trash for almost a year now, but it isn’t the sport’s version of talking trash. They are literally talking trash hauling, recycling and related topics.

Residents rate Coon Rapids’ quality of life high in survey

January 2017 – Of residents responding to a survey, 72 percent rated the quality of life in Coon Rapids excellent or good, while 81 percent said the city and its neighborhoods were good places to live.

Avon to survey citizens

January 2017 – A random sample of 1,500 Avon residents will soon be receiving notifications that they have been selected to complete a citizen satisfaction survey for the town.

Lower Merion Township Releases National Citizen Survey Results

January 2017 – Lower Merion resident seem quite happy with their lives in the township, as a recent resident survey showed an overwhelming majority of residents think their town is a great place to live.

Survey: Franklin ranked 8th in the nation for quality of life

January 2017 – In just a few short years, Franklin has grown to be one of the most popular cities of its size in the country.

Around Town: Parks & Rec; Parting Words

January 2017 – The City released pages of suggestions recorded in the annual National Citizen Survey last week.

City Conducting 2017 National Citizen Survey

January 2017 – The City of New Braunfels will launch a survey of its citizens during the first week of February.

What Does Franklin Think of Franklin? Check Out the Citizen Survey Results

January 2017 – The results of September’s National Citizen Survey are in and Franklin citizens are overwhelming pleased with their hometown.

National Citizen Survey Results Available Online

January 2017 – Charles County Government, in partnership with the National Research Center, Inc., conducted the National Citizen Survey™ (NCS™) to obtain a baseline measurement for how Charles County Government is serving residents.

Citizens survey nets high marks for Franklin, except in mobility

January 2017 – Franklin residents who responded to a voluntary survey on the quality of life gave the city higher ratings than residents surveyed in similar-sized communities, according to a summary of the results released this week.

National Citizen Survey planned in Chardon

January 2017 – City Council recently agreed to survey a sample of residents via the National Research Center’s The National Citizen Survey. Exactly when is yet to be determined.

Chardon Resident Survey in Planning Stages

January 2017 – Chardon City Council voted unanimously Jan. 12 to have some residents surveyed, but the contents of the proposed survey, when it will be distributed and how the results will be used are still topics of debate.

3,000 Sioux Falls residents to receive citizen survey via mail

January 2017 – The City of Sioux Falls will conduct a citizen survey this month, asking 3,000 residents for their ideas and opinions about the City.

La Plata Town Council reviews recent citizens survey results

January 2017 – This year the staff used the National Citizen Survey to identify the citizens’ priorities and use their findings to develop strategic efforts that will help the town improve.

Online survey lets residents answer, “How is Scottsdale doing?”

January 2017 – An online survey lets any Scottsdale resident rate their quality of life and provide anonymous feedback on city programs and services.

10 takeaways from a citywide survey about living in Boulder

January 2017 – Anyone who’s spent time in Boulder likely doesn’t need to be convinced that residents of the city are happy to be here.

City’s 5-year capital improvement plan begins with look at citizen survey

January 2017 – City Manager Pete Peterson headed an extremely long capital improvements plan workshop Thursday, which began with an overview of Johnson City’s 2016 Citizen Survey.

Woodlands Township OKs additional $6K for resident surveys

January 2017 – The Woodlands Township will spend an additional $6,000 to mail out more resident surveys to meet the targeted number of 1,500 responses.

Survey: Longmont a good place to live, but …

December 2016 – Longmonters are increasingly worried about their cost of living but also willing to pay a little more to alleviate transportation and affordable housing issues, according to the results of the biennial city survey.

Scottsdale launches citizen survey

November 2016 – Some Scottsdale residents have been randomly selected to participate in a survey to measure their views on the community and city programs and services.

Community survey: Households to evaluate city

November 2016 – The City of Shawnee is asking residents to participate in The National Citizen Survey (NCS), which is being distributed randomly to many Shawnee homes.

Cañon City Council adopts $33.7M budget

November 2016 – The Cañon City Council during its regular meeting Monday approved a resolution adopting the 2017 budget. City Administrator Tony O’Rourke said the budget is balanced, prudent and responsive to expectations articulated in the recent citizen survey.

City of DeLand Citizen Survey

November 2016 – The City of DeLand is partnering with the National Research Center to administer a community-wide survey of DeLand residents to get their perspective on the quality of services offered by the city as well as their thoughts on the community as a whole.

Satisfied? Upcoming citizen survey will rate city services

November 2016 – Residents and business owners in Mankato and North Mankato will be able to express their level of satisfaction with city services via $50,000 in scientific surveys to be conducted early next year.

Charlotte County requests opinions from residents

November 2016 – Charlotte County is asking residents to participate in The National Citizen Survey. The survey is designed to provide a baseline of how the city government is serving residents, to gauge perceptions of the county, and to make comparisons with peer counties.

City of Scottsdale launches citizen survey

November 2016 – Some Scottsdale residents have been randomly selected to participate in a survey to measure their views on the community and city programs and services.

Residents getting city’s ‘community survey’

November 2016 – Postcards for the first notification to households that have been selected to participate in the “Citizen Survey Kerrville” were mailed Nov. 3, as city officials sample the opinions of residents on a variety of topics.

City of Cañon City reviews survey findings

November 2016 – About 30 people attended Thursday’s town hall meeting hosted by the city council to discuss the results from a recent citizen survey.

Go Where They Are, Not Where You Want Them To Be

November 2016 – The City of Albert Lea conducted a survey of 500 residents in 2015. The survey asked respondents to answer 149 questions, all about life in Albert Lea. National Research Center, Inc. (NRC), the organization that conducted The National Citizen Survey™ (The NCS™), provided a breakdown of the results in a variety of formats, including by ward. The City scored the weakest in the fifth and sixth wards. 30% of those who responded believed the City had a positive image or reputation. 18% had confidence in city government.

Survey shows water concerns weigh on Aspenites

November 2016 – The City of Aspen released results from its 2016 citizen survey last week. River health ranked at the top of the list of issues of concern for respondents.

City of Aspen survey results hit the good, bad and ugly

November 2016 – Aspen residents feel safe, enjoy the quality of life and the city’s open space and trails, but they’re down on the Parking Department, and some believe too many dog owners are getting away with not picking up dog poop and ignoring the leash laws.

Survey: City’s appearance needs improvement

October 2016 – More than three fourths of citizens responding to a recent community survey feel Cañon City’s natural environment overall is positive, however, less than half have a positive impression of the city’s built environment, which includes infrastructure, signage, buildings and overall physical look.

Quality of life high in Edmond

October 2016 – Edmond residents continue to enjoy a high quality of life, according to 2016 results of Edmond’s Citizen Satisfaction Survey.

Not to get all scientific, but let’s get all scientific

October 2016 – Avondale’s decision to use a new method for its annual Citizen Satisfaction Survey had us confused until we reached out to the city and asked what was up with that?

Eau Claire citizen survey results announced

October 2016 – According to Kathy Paul, the quality of life in Eau Claire is only getting better.

Mericopa County invites resident opinion in The National Citizen Survey

October 2016 – Maricopa County officials are asking residents to participate in the inaugural Maricopa County citizens survey.

Eau Claire residents give city high marks on survey

October 2016 – Eau Claire residents have an affinity for their hometown if results of a survey completed earlier this month are any indication.

City of Cañon City survey results will help guide future

October 2016 – Results recently released from the community scientific and online surveys will serve as Cañon City Council’s roadmap in planning the next few years of the city’s future.

Franklin Urges Special Census Participation, Announces Citywide Survey

October 2016 – A sample of 3,000 Franklin homes will be asked to take a special survey.

Franklin wants citizens to partake in survey about city service

October 2016 – The city of Franklin is asking its citizens to partake in a survey aimed to provide a baseline of how the government is serving its resident.

Franklin requesting residents participate in citizen survey

October 2016 – The City of Franklin is requesting residents to fill out a survey it hopes will show city government how residents view the city’s service and how that perception ranks with peer cities.

Resident survey being mailed to 3,000 Lombard homes in mid-October

October 2016 – The village has partnered with the National Research Center to mail a citizen survey to 3,000 residences selected at random.

What are you thoughts on the city? Johnson City wants to know

September 2016 – Johnson City asks for your participation in Citizen Survey

Residents Invited to Participate in the National Citizen Survey Online

September 2016 – Charles County Government is partnering with National Research Center, Inc. to conduct the National Citizen Survey™ (NCS™).

Shawnee Is Asking Citizens For Feedback

September 2016 – Several Shawnee citizens will receive a survey in the mail soon from the National Research Center in an attempt to gather information for city leaders regarding what is most important to those they serve.

Open house to share results of community livability study

September 2016 – The City of Edmonds is hosting an open house next week to share results of a recently-conducted citywide survey on livability, in which nearly all of those responding rated the city’s quality of life as excellent or good.

Milton scores high on quality of life survey

September 2016 – Milton residents give their community high marks on governance and the quality of life, and practical matters like shopping and jobs score well, but they have mixed responses on such matter as transportation.

Residents give Bettendorf high marks

September 2016 – A recent survey in Bettendorf has revealed its residents view the city and its services in a favorable light.

Compliments and complaints welcome in Lake Forest survey

September 2016 – Residents eager to offer their perspective on the city of Lake Forest will get their chance this fall.

City survey yields valuable information

September 2016 – Local residents looking to influence development in Eau Claire now have a vehicle with which to do just that.

Friday is the deadline to offer input through citizen survey

September 2016 – Friday is the last day to offer citizen input that is being solicited by the Cañon City Council and the City of Cañon City.

Public safety, education top priorities in county survey

September 2016 – Results from the local government’s new community engagement initiative indicate that citizens are generally satisfied with the county’s strategic direction, officials said during a news conference last week.

Edmond Citizen Survey now open to all residents

September 2016 – Residents of Edmond not randomly selected to participate in this year’s city survey can still have their opinions heard.

We love our Edmonds

August 2016 – The results of a survey on Edmonds’ livability are in, and they confirm what many of us have known intuitively: Residents love living here, even if a growing number of them can’t afford to live or find work in city limits.

ELGL Choice Awards: Top 50 Local Government Companies

August 2016 – Our “award-winning” members have spoken on the best companies working in the local government arena. The inaugural ELGL Choice Award recipients have been selected using two criteria: the number of nominations received by each company (75%) and an evaluation from the ELGL management team (25%).

Cañon City Councilor Jim Meisner: Online survey, let’s do this

August 2016 – The online citizen survey is now on the Cañon City website.

County to Launch National Citizen Survey This Month

August 2016 – Charles County Government is partnering with National Research Center, Inc. to conduct the National Citizen Survey™ (NCS™).

City of Paducah Commission Meeting Highlights

August 2016 – The Paducah Board of Commissioners along with the city manager and city directors participated in the Next Steps Workshop led by the National Research Center. NRC Vice President Michelle Kobayashi facilitated the strategic planning session.

City of Bainbridge Island wins Voice award

August 2016 – The City of Bainbridge Island is the winner of the 2015 Voice of the People Award for Excellence in Natural Environment, the National Research Center, Inc. in Boulder, Colorado recently announced.

Community Survey Results 2016

August 2016 – In Littleton, every decision made by city staff members is well thought out and based on feedback from the community.

City of Edmond seeks responses from citizens

August 2016 – There are 3,500 homes in Edmond that are currently receiving surveys in the mail asking about satisfaction with the services provided by the City of Edmond.

City of Greer earns national ‘Voice of the People’ award

August 2016 – Key planning through such tools as the Greer Community Master Plan and monitoring progress through the National Citizen Survey have proven to be effective as the City of Greer works to improve not only infrastructure but also the quality of life for residents.

Booming Sioux Falls wins national award

August 2016 – The City of Sioux Falls has received the ‘Voice of the People Award for Excellence in Economy’ from the National Research Center.

Council to look back at progress

August 2016 – Council members will receive a final tracking report on the 2014-16 GIOs as well as information on how the city has scored on the National Citizen Survey, which is used to help formulate and evaluate the GIOs, cumulatively from 2008 to 2016.

Survey shows O’Fallon keeps getting better

August 2016 – In May of this year, O’Fallon conducted the National Citizen Survey through the National Research Center.

Cannon Beach adopts first strategic plan

August 2016 – The Cannon Beach City Council has adopted the city’s first strategic plan, though some residents called for the council to wait another month to allow for more community input.

Cañon City Councilor Jim Meisner: And The Survey Says?

August 2016 – With that said, Tony is on staff and we are conducting a community survey to reaffirm what our community wants from their city government.

O’Fallon community survey shows widespread satisfaction

August 2016 – According to National Citizen’s Survey (NCS), 95 percent of O’Fallon residents believe O’Fallon is a good place to live, and 96 percent believe it is a good place to raise children.

Next Steps Workshop for Strategic Planning, Review of Citizen Survey Results

July 2016 – The Paducah Board of Commissioners along with city directors will participate in a Next Steps Workshop led by the National Research Center.

Charlottesville participates in National Citizen Survey

July 2016 – Because each city’s survey is developed using a standard template, and many cities can be surveyed at one time, The National Citizen Survey™ is a very efficient way to measure citizen opinion.

National Citizen Survey comes to Charlottesville

July 2016 – Miriam Dickler, Director of Communications for City of Charlottesville, discusses with Les Sinclair The National Citizens Survey and what City of Charlottesville residents need to know to participate.

Charlottesville residents to get National Citizen Surveys in mail

July 2016 –  Charlottesville is one of many jurisdictions across the United States that are participating in The National Citizen Survey this year.

Edmonds residents still have time to weigh in on survey

July 2016 – People here will get the chance to rate their city in a number of categories, including its parks and police, the friendliness of the community, whether they’ve experienced discrimination and if they’d consider paying for more parks or police services.

Give the city a piece of your mind. Go

July 2016 – Edmonds residents have the opportunity to let city leaders know how they feel about their government services and the overall state of their city by voicing their opinions through an anonymous online survey.

City of Billings asking for residents’ feedback

July 2016 – Do you have an idea you think could improve the Magic City? The City of Billings wants to hear from you! The City of Billings is asking all residents to participate in the National Citizen Survey (NCS).

County survey tells us what you think

July 2016 – The overall quality of life for people in St. Louis County is good and improving. That’s just one of the things residents told us through their answers to a citizens survey conducted earlier this year.

Billings residents asked to complete National Citizen Survey

July 2016 – The city of Billings wants residents to participate in the National Citizen Survey.

City wants survey input on community livability

June 2016 – The city of Bowling Green wants to hear from about 1,500 households about the quality of life here.

Survey for selected citizens of Bowling Green begins in July

June 2016 – The 2016 Bi-Annual Citizen Survey, a low-cost citizen survey for local governments, will begin in early July.

Cañon City Council seeks public opinion with survey

June 2016 – To get public input on what the Cañon City Council could do to improve the community, the council has approved a contract for an independent company to help conduct a citizen survey.

Budget, Citizens’ Survey, Code Enforcement on Council Agenda

June 2016 – The Council and Rothweiler have talked about priorities for the 2016-2017 budget at several meetings, including one a month ago where the Council approved midyear raises for some city workers and said they plan to make some changes as part of next year’s budget.

Town of Estes Park seeks feedback through citizen survey

June 2016 – This summer, the Town of Estes Park will be seeking community input using the National Citizen Survey™.

New survey shows Cedar Rapids strengths, weaknesses

Juen 2016 – A new survey shows where citizens believe Cedar Rapids is flourishing and where there’s room for improvement.

How Government Workers Differ from Private-Sector Counterparts

June 2016 – According to Tom Miller, president of the National Research Center, which also conducts employee surveys for state and local governments, employees are happiest when they feel their jobs fit their talents and that they’re making meaningful contributions.

What Employee Surveys Reveal About Working in Government

June 2016 – Depending on whether you work for states and localities, the federal government or the private sector, your job satisfaction may differ.

Survey provides insight for Cannon Beach goals

June 2016 – During two full days of strategic planning sessions, Cannon Beach city councilors and staff considered major community issues, from parking to short-term rentals, before coming to a consensus on city priorities for the next five years.

Williamsburg conducting biennial quality-of-life survey

May 2016 – The National Citizen Survey, which is run by the National Research Center and the International City/County Management Association, is being mailed to a random sample of about 1,200 Williamsburg residents over a six-week period in May and June.

Aurora citizen survey: Road improvements, pedestrian work are top priorities

May 2016 – Aurora Ward IV Councilman Charlie Richardson said the city faced challenges championing itself as the “Safest Large City” in Colorado. A year after seeing crime dip — and after several recent years that saw crime plummet in Aurora — crime in Aurora climbed in 2015.

Residents rate county highly, but crime a worry

May 2016 – Olmsted County residents have a positive view of the county as a place to live, work and raise a family, according to results from a recent National Research Center survey.

Community-wide Survey Rates Quality of Life High in the Village of Orland Park

May 2016 – The Village of Orland Park launched its third National Citizens Survey earlier this year with questionnaires sent to a random sample of 1600 households throughout the village.

Most Greer residents feel safe, believe city is great place to live

May 2016 – Greer is a safe community with a high quality of life and excellent emergency services, according to results from the city’s latest National Citizen Survey, but public transportation and availability of walking and bicycling trails are lacking.

City survey asks for resident input

May 2016 – Yellow postcards with black lettering arrived at the homes of Trinidaddians last week, announcing the City of Trinidad’s 2016 Citizen Survey.

2016 Milton citizen survey by The National Citizen Survey

May 2016 – The survey is designed to provide a baseline of how your city government is serving you, to gauge perceptions of the City of Milton, and to make comparisons with peer cities.

Savage’s community survey now available online

May 2016 – Residents of Savage who did not receive a mailed version of the community survey last month can now share their thoughts about the city online.

Milton launches resident survey

May 2016 – The city of Milton is asking residents to participate in the National Citizen Survey.

Longmont City Council weighs survey question options

May 2016 – The Longmont City Council on Tuesday discussed extra items for the citizen survey, which the city sends out every two years.

Paducah looks for input with citizen survey

April 2016 – The city of Paducah wants to know how it best serves you and where it can improve.

High response for citizen survey in Cannon Beach

April 2016 – Along with input from the City Council and staff, the survey will play a major role in informing the city’s strategic plan.

City Of Alexandria Releases Findings From 2016 Community Survey

April 2016 – Residents were surveyed using the National Citizen Survey, developed in conjunction with the National Research Center and the International City and County Managers’ Association.

Seeking Satisfaction: Texas-side citizens can let city know how it’s doing in survey

April 2016 – Texarkana, Texas, wants to know what its citizens think the city is doing well and what can use some improvement, and it will be seeking this information through a citizen survey.

Savage’s bi-annual community survey starting next month

April 2016 – The city of Savage’s bi-annual community survey is scheduled to hit residents’ mailboxes next month, and residents are also encouraged to take the survey online when the response period opens.

Metro cities reach out in new ways to survey residents

April 2016 – As land lines keep losing favor, citizen survey methods change.

Selected Paducah Residents to Receive Surveys Soon

April 2016 – Some Paducah residents will soon have an opportunity to voice their opinions through a survey the city is sending out in the mail.

Pre-Notification Postcards to be Distributed Next Week for Citizen Survey

April 2016 – The City of Paducah has contracted again to use the National Citizen Survey through the National Research Center, Inc. to gather feedback from citizens about city services, civic participation, characteristics of Paducah, and various community topics.

Palo Alto CLEAN, school policy on gifts, National Citizen Survey results

March 2016 – The commission will discuss the results of the National Citizen Survey; the ongoing update of the city’s Comprehensive Plan; and the Department of Planning and Community Environment work plan.

Skokie residents give thumbs up to hometown in survey

March 2016 – The great majority of Skokie residents gives their hometown high marks for neighborhoods, available programs and services, and other aspects of life in the village, according to an independent national survey.

Homelessness, revenue and West Augustine among topics at St. Augustine City Commission meeting

March 2016 – St. Augustine’s first National Citizen Survey could drive changes in the city’s focus, financially and otherwise.

Pasco city survey results in

March 2016 – For the past ten years the City of Pasco has been conducting the “National Citizen Survey” every other year in order to help the City Council develop goals for the next two years.

Council hears citizen survey results

March 2016 – Tuesday’s work session saw city council members discuss the usefulness of the results from a recent survey of city residents which saw a response rate of just under 25 percent.

Vernon Hills surveys residents

March 2016 – The village of Vernon Hills says it will be conducting its first comprehensive quality of life survey.

City’s survey asks citizens to sound off

March 2016 – Randomly selected residents will have the chance later this spring to offer anonymous thoughts on the city in a survey.

City challenges require balancing priorities

March 2016 – On Monday evening, Mayor Troxell and I hosted the annual State of the City event.

Metro cities reach out in new ways to survey residents

March 2016 – As land lines keep losing favor, citizen survey methods change.

Boulder County uses CASOA to prepare for aging population

March 2016 – I was pleased to see both Spense Havlick’s comments addressing the aging of Boulder County’s population, and the recent article and senior resource guide published in the Daily Camera.

2016 citizen survey mailed in Westminister

March 2016 – Every two years the City of Westminster conducts its citizen survey.

Bozeman Engages Residents with The National Citizen Survey

February 2016 – The City of Bozeman, MT residents participate in The National Citizen Survey in regards to increasing local sales tax and what it means for tourism and residential life.

Fort Collins scores high on citizen survey

January 2016 – Here’s a news flash for you: Life in Fort Collins continues to be good.

Athens-Clarke County enlists citizen survey for community feedback

January 2016 – The Athens-Clarke County Unified Government reached out to the National Research Center to purchase a customized survey, known as the National Citizen Survey (NCS), a feedback-oriented survey that will be sent this month to 1,800 randomly-selected citizens in the entire geo-boundary of Athens-Clarke County.

A more inclusive citizen survey

January 2016 – Pasco is a city where the residents are predominantly Hispanic but its leadership is predominantly white.

Anonymous surveys could influence next St. Augustine budget

January 2016 – St. Augustine officials are looking for feedback from 3,000 residents…

Wichita Participates in National Citizen Survey

January 2016 – City of Wichita officials said today they are seeking feedback from residents about service delivery and community priorities as part of the National Citizen Survey.

Wichita To Participate In The National Citizen Survey For Fifth Year

January 2016 – The City of Wichita will begin mailing out surveys to local residents this week in order to grade several areas of service, as well as prioritize future spending.

Citizen survey launches this month

January 2016 – Beginning this week, postcards will be sent out to hundreds of Sierra Vista households asking residents to keep an eye on their mailboxes for a survey that city management hopes will provide insight into how the city can improve its services and how it compares to similar municipalities.

Bozeman Makes Citizen Survey Available Online

January 2016 – In November, the City of Bozeman asked the National Research Center to conduct the National Citizen Survey of approximately 1,400 randomly selected Bozeman residents in preparation for the upcoming Vision and Strategic Planning process that the city will be entering in the first half of 2016.

Cannon Beach surveys ready for mailing in the new year

December 2015 – Cannon Beach considers what to ask residents on survey questionnaire.

City seeks public feedback on their work

December 2015 – As it has done every other year since 2009, the Elk Grove city staff is offering its residents an opportunity to share opinions on City Hall’s work in a citywide survey.

‘Livability’ survey says Martinez in line with national averages

December 2015 – Results of a $25,000 National Citizen Survey of “livability” in Martinez provided plenty data, but few surprises.

Survey on Martinez quality of life highlights final council meeting of 2015

December 2015 – The City of Martinez received the key findings of their first ever participation in the National Citizens Survey…

City survey reveals concern over roads

December 2015- With a 23 percent return rate, some Rio Ranchoans are…

Citizen survey results for 2015 released

December 2015 – The Rio Rancho 2015 Citizen Survey results are in.

We agree more and more | IN OUR OPINION

December 2015 – Bainbridge city officials are still mulling over the recent results from the National Citizen Survey that was conducted on the island, the third year the comprehensive survey has polled residents on issues ranging from business and shopping to development and the environment.

December 2015 – Vernon Hills will become the latest Lake County community to survey residents for input and observations on a variety of topics.

Survey to gauge citizen priorities

December 2015 – Beginning next month, hundreds of randomly selected Sierra Vista residents will be asked to complete a survey mailed to their home, which city leaders hope will provide valuable information to help the city determine future project and budget priorities.

Survey: Ann Arborites happy with high quality of life

December 2015 – Ann Arborites like their city, and they give it positive reviews in many categories ranging from the arts to the economy to the great outdoors.

Bozeman residents asked by city to weigh in with survey

December 2015 – Are you one of the 1,400 residents in Bozeman who received postcards in the mail from the city?

League of Women in Government makes NRC Top Ten Local Government Blogs to Follow!

November 2015 – League of Women in Government makes the list!

Survey says: Residents love the island life, mostly

November 2015 – Outstanding place to call home, a nearly unmatched quality of life and a right neighborly island.

Respondents for Horry County survey focus on safety issues

November 2015 – Horry County is using your feedback to improve your quality of life.

Dover looks to survey residents

November 2015 – The city is asking residents to participate in the 2015 National Citizen Survey.

Survey: Horry County residents have mixed feelings about safety of community

November 2015 – Most Horry County residents feel secure in their neighborhoods, but many do not have that same sense of safety in the rest of the county, according to a recent survey.

Lakewood to Survey Citizen Satisfaction

November 2015 – The City of Lakewood has questions and it’s turning to its residents for the answers.


November 2015 – The City of Gaithersburg is in the process of conducting a biennial citizen survey and all who live, work or conduct business in the City of Gaithersburg are invited to participate.

Residents give Hutchinson high marks

November 2015 – As they did two prior times, an overwhelming majority of Hutchinson residents said in a National Citizen Survey that their overall quality of life here is good.

Citizen survey to be mailed to 1,400 Palm Coast residents

November 2015 – This year, the National Citizen Survey will create an online survey open to all Palm Coast residents, in addition to mailing a paper survey to randomly selected households.

Palm Coast Launching 2015 Citizen Survey Of City Services

October 2015 – The city of Palm Coast is asking for residents’ input on the services it provides.

National Citizen Survey Shows Perceptions of Hamilton Continue To Improve

October 2015 – With the recent announcements of two major new employers, London-based Barclaycard and Colorado-based StarTek, bringing hundreds of new jobs to Hamilton, it may come as no surprise that the city performed comparatively well on the 2015 National Citizen Survey.

Erie could make pot ban permanent

October 2015 – With Erie’s pot moratorium set to expire at the end of the year, trustees during their meeting tonight will consider two ways of prohibiting retail marijuana shops and facilities in town.

Yakima’s reputation shows slight improvement, say citizens in survey

October 2015 – YAKIMA, Wash.–  Results from the 2015 Yakima Citizen Survey are out — and they show community members feel progress is being made by the city in tackling some of Yakima’s most pressing issues.

Survey: Yakima citizens more confident 
in public safety, less in City Hall

October 2015 – Positive views of Yakima’s police and fire services trended up while confidence in city government as a whole dropped in this year’s Citizen Survey results.

Norfolk gets environmental award based on citizen survey

October 2015 –  Thanks to its residents, the city has received the 2015 Voice of the People Award for Transformation in Natural Environment.

Greer surveys help hone services

October 2015 – In an effort to collect feedback that will help the city of Greer shape its services, focus resources and improve communication, 1,400 random city households began receiving a National Citizen Survey from the National Research Center this week.

Pasco council wants input on red-light cameras, district-based voting

October 2015 – The Pasco City Council wants to know if residents would be in favor of installing safety cameras at certain intersections in an attempt to cut down on motorists who run red lights.

October 2015 – Lake Zurich residents really like their town and are willing to pay more in taxes to ensure good snow plowing and ice removal.

The Longer Americans Live Somewhere, the Less They Like It

October 2015 – The reasons for citizens’ dissatisfaction vary from place to place — but age isn’t one of them.

Horry County to mail out 3,000 surveys in preparation for strategic planning

September 2015 – If you happen to be one of the 3,000 Horry County residents to receive the National Citizen Survey in the mail, your opinions will help shape county policy for the next several years.

Just about everyone who lives in Edina likes it there, but…

September 2015 – Cost of living may not be anything to write home about in Edina, but the results of a new survey show an overwhelming majority of the residents are happy to call the Twin Cities suburb “home” in the first place.

Albemarle County Releases 2015 Citizen Survey Results

August 2015 – Albemarle County is pleased to release the results of its 2015 Citizen Survey which indicates that citizens continue to rate overall quality of life in the County very high.

City of Pearland Staff Task Force gives Council recommendations based on citizen survey

August 2015 – During the regular meeting of the Pearland City Council on Monday (July 27), the City Staff Task Force presented ideas for implementation of Citizen Perception Survey recommendations from the Biennial Citizen Survey that was conducted in December 2014 and presented to Council in March 2015.

Majority of Erie survey respondents say no to retail pot

July 2015 – The results of a  community survey conducted in Erie this spring reveal a majority of the more than 1,000 respondents oppose retail marijuana — in line with  the town’s current moratorium.

Suwanee residents rank city at top for national awards

July 2015 – Suwanee residents are happy. National survey results have Suwanee ranked at the top for two Voice of the People Awards for Excellence in community engagement as well as recreation and wellness by the International City/County Management Association and National Research Center.

Livermore wins foundations of livability 2015 award

July 2015 – City wins foundations of livability 2015 award. The National Research Center announced Livermore as the winner of the 2015 Voice of the People Award for Transformation in Foundations of Livability, based on high marks from the 2014 National Citizen Survey.

The Citizens Most Vocal in Local Government

July 2014 – Citizen participation in local government is abysmally low, but a national survey shows what types of people are most and least likely people to speak up.

2014 National Citizen Survey

2014 – Mayor Michael B. Hancock’s vision for Denver is a world class city where everyone matters.