ELGL Pop Ups

– By Matthew Deragisch

We love conferences. We love connecting with our peers and learning from the speakers’ experiences. However, it can be challenging to pull away from the office for days on end. That’s what makes the Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL) PopUp conferences special – they take place at four locations at the same time in one day. This year, ELGL’s PopUps took place in Portland, OR; Dallas, TX; Kansas City, MO; and Charlotte, NC.

In case you couldn’t attend in person, so we’ve rounded up the best moments from the #ELGLPopUps below.

1. Preparation

From the selection of the locations, to gathering support from sponsors, it’s no small task to organize an event of this magnitude. Preparation and coordination makes events like these happen. Thanks for all your hard work!

Guildford Social Media Planning

2. Knowledgeable Speakers 

Government touches on so many aspects of our daily lives, there’s always something new to learn or some new perspective to consider. The speakers at this year’s PopUp covered a breadth of topics, including inclusivity, the climate and sustained engagement. Thank you for sharing!

Crozier Color Blind Eclipse Equality Equity Hurricane Parks and Rec Signs

3. Best Swag Shots

No conference experience is complete without seeing all the swag – pens, stationery, stickers, pins and fidget spinners! (We believe every desk in local government could use an NRC pen.)

Ben's Table Clay ELGL pop up swag SavageSwag

4. Excitement 

Connecting with others who are passionate about their local governments and what they do fuels these ELGL popups. 

BlueGrass Diversity excitment Portland Students T Buter youth

5. Competition

The Nature of the event led to some friendly competition online. Each location made their PopUp their own.

Charlotte Best Host City Competition Selfie Trending

Another great year for the #ELGLPopUps! Looking forward to #ELGLPopUps2018! 

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