We thrive on diversity, operate in close partnership with our clients, provide strong leadership and work hard to produce high quality results with honest conclusions.



We embrace diversity of geography, history, race, language, personality and thought. We become more creative, empathic, wise and valuable to our clients by absorbing and reflecting the full range of differences we encounter in our work. In particular, we strive to include the voices of the underserved—the low-income, ethnic minority, frail or disabled so that their perspectives are included in the data and its interpretation.



NRC’s reputation brings with it the responsibility of identifying the best ways to conceive and implement a project. Nevertheless, we understand that there is a lot to learn from your accomplishments, so in each new venture, before we plot a path, we pay close attention to the body of knowledge already accumulated by you and your stakeholders, the voice of those closest to the issues and the nuances of your unique circumstances. We lead best as part of the group, not apart from the group.



NRC produces what it promises. We design a workplan and budget with you at the beginning of the project and we stick to what we design. When a change in scope or timeframe is required, we provide you all the information you need to make an informed decision. NRC excels in an industry where meeting deadlines and budgets is of maximum importance.


Collaboration vastly improves our work and ensures you get what you expect and what is most helpful to your mission. At the outset of our work, we clarify the purposes of your project, set expectations and learn the personal, political and geographic contingencies that will influence the work. Throughout each project, we check in with you to test our direction, work on solving problems and plan for the final product.



We have a reputation for candor and simplicity. This does not mean that we ignore the pressures of the context in which our work is conducted. We are sensitive to the constraints of personality and politics, but provide you palatable and straightforward advice. We believe that there is no bad news from research results and we will not tell you what the strongest pressure groups “want” to hear. Our findings help move you better and faster than you were moving before.



For NRC, it is not enough merely to produce the expected. We strive to add unique value to the research process and to your final product. We think of both the process and final product as the foundation of our reputation. We make our reports, presentations, trainings and curricula not only what you expect, but something you can be proud of for years.