What is a community to do to plan for its aging residents? Planning for increased numbers of older adults requires the wisdom to ask older adults themselves about their circumstances and needs.
Understanding the needs and opinions of local business is essential to effective budgeting, policymaking and planning for the future. Ensure that you get accurate answers by asking the right questions.
The nation's preferred citizen survey, The NCS™ stands as the gold standard in community assessments. Survey results provide a broad, accurate sum of community quality and resident viewpoints on local government services, policies and community livability.
Gain insight into your employees’ needs, perspectives and potential to remain with your organization and discover ways to “win the war for talent” with The NES.

We offer a broad range of research and evaluation products to assist government and nonprofit sector clients.
Our staff combines analytic and statistical expertise with a passion for community issues
and the ability to guide clients from research to action.
NRC encourages you to look beyond the data to see results. See our news page to learn how organizations from across the country are partnering with NRC to move their communities forward.

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